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Lobby Day

As you know, the March 2 Lobby Day is a major component of Power Shift 2009. The Power Shift 2009 Lobby Day is your chance to meet your elected officials face-to-face and give them a piece of your mind on what need to do about climate change. You and thousands of your peers, representing all 50 states and hundreds of congressional districts will go to Capitol Hill to demand bold and urgent action directly from your leaders and their staff, so that they are held accountable in safeguarding our future. The Power Shift 09 Lobby Day Ask/Policy Committee is drafting a set of official policy principles that will guide our 'asks' during our Lobby meetings. Here is your opportunity to provide input.

Please use the form to submit your suggestions for the Power Shift Lobby Day Ask/ Policy Platform. Your suggestions will be made available publicly on the website.

(Please note that there is no guarantee that your suggestions/information will be included in the official set of policy principles approved by Energy Action Coalition. )



People's Ideas

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